Project Name: Tajweed Bot
Tajweed Bot is a micro-learning course delivered through a chatbot running on Facebook Messenger. 
What problem are we trying to solve?
One of the biggest challenges for content creators of our time is to compete for time and engagement. With remote work and remote learning becoming the new normal, this challenge has multiplied tenfold.
We are seeing a seismic shift in how the TikTok generation learns.
Chatbots offer the following advantages compared to traditional learning systems 👇
💥 Flexible and entertaining learning
💥 Nano-lessons for shorter attention spans
💥 Multi-media content
💥 Mobile first learning
💥 Rapid progress
💥 Higher engagement
💥 Relatable to Gen Z
💥 No LMS or computer required
💥 Works with limited internet access

We created Tajweed Bot for those who want to learn the Islamic science of Tajweed (correct articulation of Arabic letters) as well as a demo for those who want to explore how learning can be delivered through a chatbot on a texting platform.
The bot lets the learner browse different courses, and enroll in or unenroll from courses. It tracks their progress through multiple courses and lets them switch between the different enrolled courses.
Once a person enrolls in a course they get a bite size lesson on the course topic. Each lesson is made up of different content type including messages, audios, videos, images, GIFs, and more.
Once the learner is ready to move to the next lesson, they mark the current lesson as completed. And the bot sends them their next lesson. Making it a truly self paced experience.
You can explore a sample lesson here or click on the button below to interact with the chatbot.
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