The guards monitoring bot, which runs on Telegram, is a complete solution to monitor guards on a site. It automates your control room by doing all the heavy lifting for you.
It will send hourly check-in reminders to the guards. Check-in is done simply by scanning the QR code at the designated location. A complete log of check-ins is maintained on a database which is accessible through a mobile app. You also get the daily log emailed to you.  
The bot will also send reminders for site specific tasks at the designated hours. Once the task is marked "Done" by the guard the bot will update the control room. If the task remains undone after a certain time period the bot reports it to the control room too.
The bot also has the functionality to report shift changes. Once the guard send the command to report shift change, the bot will send a list of guards' names for that site. Guards can simply click on their name. The bot will acknowledge the guard (with an emoji to keep things fun!) and report the shift change to control room. It will also log the shift change to the database which is accessible through the mobile app.
To make sure that your guards are alert (and not sleeping through the night) the bot will send prompts to send images of various objects around the guard post at random intervals. The image sent by the guard will be forwarded to control room for monitoring. If after a certain period of time the guard hasn't sent the image (which could possibly mean the guard is sleeping), the bot will report it to the control room. 
There are many additional features that can be added to the bot like incident reporting, occurrence book functionality and more.
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